Free App Review: Countr


Photo courtesy from dhgate.com
The app Countr is equivalent to a manual clicker counter (photo shown above). A clicker counter is used to count or track large numbers of people, product or whatever that needs counting. It’s a small hand-held device, it’s cheap, and costs $3 at Office Depot. I’ve seen it being used by a sales personnel to count people going inside a shop. His hands on his back, clicking away as people go in the store.

The Countr app for is free (for today) and functions the same with digital features, one of such is saving previous “counts.” read more

eBay and PayPal Fees

As much as we want to price our items cheap for our buyers and at the same time for us to earn profit, we really cannot do both always. It’s either we price it cheap and we earn little or lose money – or we price it higher and we earn what we intended.

What makes it difficult is the fees both charged by eBay and PayPal individually.

(Amazon tends to charge more, even minus PayPal)