The Sunscreen You’re Not Allergic To

Click on the image to view product page on the actual online store. Product is refundable within 60 days.

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you develop rashes from over-the-counter sunscreen products? You’re not alone, and like my tennis player friend, the hypoallergenic sunscreen you’re looking for might be the Rodan + Field’s Essentials Body Sunscreen. She uses this sunscreen primarily when she plays tennis. It is non-sticky, non-whitening, water resistant and has broad spectrum SPF 30 protection.  Even though it’s only SPF 30, she would rather use this than over the counter sunscreen products to avoid breaking out. Having sunscreen protection is better than nothing, and not being allergic to it is much better. So if you’re still looking for that ONE SUNSCREEN that is compatible with your sensitive skin, try Rodan + Field’s Essentials Body Sunscreen. If it still doesn’t work for you, you are very welcome to RETURN THE PRODUCT WITHIN 60 DAYS. Even if the bottle is empty. How convenient is that? It is $24 and can only be bought online. Rodan + Fields are the same dermatologists who developed ProActiv. Please watch the video below as the company themselves explain about the product. And if you’re interested in buying one, please fill-up the form below and I can assist you on your purchase. Since the Rodan + Fields online store is membership-based, you will need to sign up for a FREE account and probably be prompted to choose a consultant. If they do, you can enter my ID# is 2363521, that would help me out a bit too. If that’s too confusing, then again, please fill-up the form below and I can help you out. If not, you can just follow the instructions on their website to finish your purchase.


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