IOS Features That Should Be Added (Growing List)

Features that I think IOS devices should have across its amazing devices in addition to its great features. These are simple, productivity-based features that I would love to have on my smartphone. I have made this post almost a year ago so some of the lacking features I have mentioned must have been already ¬†added to current IOS upgrades. Correct me if I am wrong and I will gladly edit this post. For now, I have indicated “DONE” on some.

Autochron Automatic Wall Switch Timer

Automatic Wall Switch Timer, a device that effortlessly turns lights and ceiling fans on & off. Saving energy and money. We use this for our front door light, every night it turns on the light, and every day it turns it off. You can set the timer either daily, weekly or multiple day program options.

RECEIPT HOG USER: Upload your online receipts

Good news to Receipt Hog users! You can upload your online receipts/invoices from shopping online! I just uploaded invoices and received coins for my transaction.

Upload online receipts from online shopping.

Simply take a picture of your laptop screen showing the online receipt. You do not have to print it out, but you can if you want to crush out personal information such as your name, address and credit card details. However you may still hide these information by being creative, and I recommend hiding these info for your protection! read more

5 Apps that Give You Free Apps

Apps Gone Free

Free apps everyday! An average of 4-6 apps including expensive ones. So keep checking, you might find something useful, for free! I have downloaded video editors, PDF annonators, kids educational games and more from Apps Gone Free. Keep in mind though that most of the free apps will expire.

Inbox Dollars (Website)

This company pays you as you download their featured or advertised apps. Signing up and giving personal information is required since they are giving away real money. They also pay you to watch videos, play casino games, and answering surveys (which I don’t do because of the fact that all their surveys ask for your address). I don’t really find much useful apps from Inbox Dollars, mostly they are games, casino games, shopping and dating apps, but hey, I don’t mind earning a few cents per download. As you can see I have $14 now. Payout is at $30, I’m almost halfway! If you’re interested about Inbox Dollars, please click this link: read more

Fisheye Plus Pro by Dominic Watson

ReadQuick – Speed Reader for iOS by Action Now

Poppy Birds – Brain Puzzle Game by Friendly App Studio

Splashtop Touchpad by Splashtop Inc.

Words With Monsters by Wayne Petzler

Coyn by Arash Afrasiabi

Kinetiks by Jon Como

Free Apps As Of Today

Here are the free apps that I downloaded today. I will be trying them out soon and keep whichever is useful. Once an app is downloaded, it’s yours forever! So get these while they’re free.

Countr – Quick Count by Random Projects LLC

Remote Media Manager Pro – Access Files on Network Devices by Evolution Games LLP

YoWindow Weather by Pavel Repkin

   read more

FREE APP Today: Videocraft

Today is your chance to download a free video editor! If iMovie is too expensive, Videocraft might be a good alternative. It is both available for iPhone and iPad. I have not reviewed this app yet as I am only sharing it while it is for free. I have downloaded the app also and will try it out later. Once the promo ends, the price will revert back to $1.99

Click on the link to download from the App Store: Videocraft – Video Editor & Movie Maker by Gamelarious: read more

Philippine Bank Codes for PayPal

Link A Bank
This helped me in setting up my Philippine bank account with PayPal. Here is a list of Philippine bank codes that you can use to link your Philippine PayPal account to Philippine banks.

Get Verified
After linking a bank to my PayPal, the next step is to get verified to lift up some limits on your account. To get verified you need to link a credit card to your account. With PayPal Philippines, there is NO address confirmation so it is okay to link an US-based credit card or from any country even though the billing address in your account cannot be changed to the actual billing address of your credit card. That is fine, I talked to PayPal customer service about it. read more