Take home shower caps from the hotels you’re staying. It may seem that you may not need them, but you will. Take all the complimentary items as well, it’s what you paid for.

When your washing machine makes too much banging noise during dry spinning, the load it’s trying to spin is too heavy. And apparently your husband won’t take your opinion on that, or your boyfriend. Just wait for the washing machine to break down, then he will believe. Some men are “to see is to believe” kind of people.

#44 What Are Your Favorite Stuff?

Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer is one of my favorite songs.

Rachael Leigh Cook is my favorite actress.

I fell in love with her when I saw her movie “She’s All That.”

Look it up.

Play the song on the guitar. It’s fairly easy. Have fun!

#38: Use Your Smartphone's Camera Flash

Use your smartphone’s flash to ensure a clear capture of documents or items. Businesses are more lenient towards scanning or faxing documents, they now accept phone camera captured documents, as long as it is clear, not blurry or murky. Save time by doing it right, use your flash.

#28: Learn How To Cook Rice

Learn how to cook rice at age 13 years old. Do not use a rice cooker, use traditional methods. I am Asian. I love rice. My meal is not complete without rice. It's a basic meal component. And on age 13, you have just learned one of the basic skills for survival. Read more.

Get your own espresso maker. Learn how to make espresso. Espresso is the real coffee. I use the Moka Express by Bialetti. Look it up.

Try to recreate your favorite restaurant food or beverage at home. There are many copycat recipes in the Internet nowadays. It will save you money, and you can splurge on how big the serving size you want it to be, without the overpriced cost that your favorite restaurant charge you. The money you spent on buying the ingredients may turn out a lot expensive than the finished product itself, but it’s not really.  With the ingredients you have, you can make more and will be a lot cheaper per finished product. Do the math. read more