How To Save Extra on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether it’s grocery shopping, beauty, home, tech, travel, or just about anything, you can get more savings than what is advertised in-store or online just by using your smartphone, or the Internet. This savings trick requires preparation and strategic stacking of third party rewards programs. Ready? Here’s how I do it.

Use Swagbucks Coupons and Get Double Rewards

Use Swagbucks coupons this month of March, get discounts as you normally would with coupons, PLUS get rewarded THE SECOND TIME for redeemed coupons on April 11, 2016! That is double rewards! Join me at Swagbucks. Read more to learn how to get rewards in ways you never though of.

Get Cash Back at Walmart Using Their App

Walmart App’s Savings Catcher feature will give you cash back if it finds any items in your receipt that has lower price in other stores. I got $0.24 back! It may be small but each cent adds up! Walmart is known to have the cheapest prices so it might be hard to get cash back, but who knows, right? You might get lucky.