How To Save Extra on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether it’s grocery shopping, beauty, home, tech, travel, or just about anything, you can get more savings than what is advertised in-store or online just by using your smartphone, or the Internet. This savings trick requires preparation and strategic stacking of third party rewards programs. Ready? Here’s how I do it.

First of all, let me show you my Ultimate Savings Formula:

Ibotta*** + Checkout51 + Saving Star + Mobisave + Printed Coupons from Swagbucks + Discounted Gift Card as payment method + upload your receipt to ReceiptHog + GET CASH BACK!

If the formula above doesn’t make sense to you, READ ON, because this will require a bit of reading and a lot of planning. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Take note of the different rewards programs that I will be mentioning as I explain different ways to save.

I personally use Swagbucks in most my online purchases. And Ibotta in most of my in-store (groceries) purchases. For branded stores/boutiques, either in-store or online, I use gift cards or e-gift cards that I purchased through Swagbucks.

Please use the link I have provided to earn extra cash or extra points right after you sign up to any rewards programs.

Technique #1: SWAGBUCKS

BUYING ONLINE. If you are not the type to line up out in the cold waiting for the stores to open on Black Friday, online buying is for you. Log into your Swagbucks account and navigate to your desired store. Swagbucks will open up a special new browser for you that enables them to track your purchase. ONLY use that browser, do not close it, stick to that browser or your purchase won’t be tracked and you won’t be credited. Please also read the not-so-fine print as stores like Amazon and eBay only give cash back to certain product category at time. I love Walmart since everything has cash back! Swagbucks currency is 1SB = $0.01 and you can use these points to either buy a gift card or cash out real money through PayPal. So buy online, have it shipped to your home or pick-up in store, it’s your choice.

Get your free Swagbucks account here:

Other rewards program similar to Swagbucks:


Inbox Dollars –

See videos below:

Technique #2:  GIFT CARD/E-GIFT CARD with Cash back

BUYING ONLINE. For stores like Amazon and Ebay where cash back is only available on certain product categories at time, you can get around it and still get cash back by using e-gift cards. Buy your gift cards through Swagbucks and navigate to one of these gift card stores: –



See video below:

BUYING IN-STORE. If you want to buy in-store, I recommend you still use gift cards to stack on cash back rewards. If you already have credit card that has cash back, that’s good, add swagbucks cash back by buying a gift card, if you get lucky your gift card discounted when you buy, PLUS in-store discount (since it’s Black Friday) – man, you have quadrupled your savings! Make sure that when you buy your e-gift card, it is delivered to you through e-mail and it arrives within 24 hours. Different gift card stores have different product delivery so please read the fine print before you buy.

Technique #3: RECEIPT HOG

BUYING IN-STORE. Upload your receipts to Receipt Hog, it gives you points/coins that you can then cash out through PayPal or as a gift card. Save your in-store receipts and upload them within 14 days from its purchase date. You have now multiplied your cash back earnings 5 times!

Receipt Hog used to accept the online receipts from my online purchases, but not anymore, but hey, you can try.

Download app now:

Technique #4: SHOPKICK

BUYING IN-STORE. Shopkick gives you points for literally just walking inside the store, literally, it’s as simple as turning on your bluetooth and open the app. It also gives points for just scanning barcodes of products. And finally, Shopkick gives you points if you link your credit card and buy from stores like Macy’s and TJMaxx (what I have experienced). You can only cash out your points in a form of a gift card.

Get your Shopkick account –

Technique #5: IBOTTA

BUYING IN-STORE: If you are just buying groceries, cosmetics and household products during black friday or cybermonday, Ibotta is your best friend. Ibotta features hundreds of products from participating stores, branded or not, to earn you cash back. If you buy the specific branded product from a participating store, you’ll get cash back and be able to cash it out through PayPal or in a form of a gift card. So just concentrate on buying and upload your receipts to Ibotta when you get home.

Get your free Ibotta account now:

Other rewards programs similar to Ibotta:



Saving Star



BUYING IN-STORE. Then again, if you are just buying groceries and other household products, even medicine or beauty products, it’s best that you browse grocery coupons from Swagbucks before you go to the store. You get points from using their coupons on top of the discount that the coupon already offers. Print what you only need, it’s very easy to get carried away. Remember, only buy what you need and look for a coupon for it, not buy something just because it has a coupon.

Other Coupon Website:  <—- if you want to support me instead. :)

Technique #7: PLENTI

BUYING ONLINE OR IN-STORE: If you shop at Macys or RiteAid, make sure you have a Plenti account, link your credit card for automatic and always provide your Plenti account number or Plenti Card, or just show them using the Plenti App and earn additional cash back points.

See video below:

Stack all of the techniques together to save a lot! Every cent adds up. Get yourself some free money!

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