Get Cash Back at Walmart Using Their App

Walmart App’s Savings Catcher feature will give you cash back if it finds any items in your receipt that has lower price in other stores. I got $0.24 back! It may be small but each cent adds up! Walmart is known to have the cheapest prices so it might be hard to get cash back, but who knows, right? You might get lucky.

RECEIPT HOG USER: Upload your online receipts

Good news to Receipt Hog users! You can upload your online receipts/invoices from shopping online! I just uploaded invoices and received coins for my transaction.

Upload online receipts from online shopping.

Simply take a picture of your laptop screen showing the online receipt. You do not have to print it out, but you can if you want to crush out personal information such as your name, address and credit card details. However you may still hide these information by being creative, and I recommend hiding these info for your protection! read more

Got My Expired Huggies Rewards Back

I have been so busy with family life that I haven’t logged in my huggies account for a whole year. My diaper rewards of 442 points went expired and I just couldn’t accept it. Diapers are EXPENSIVE. I learned it the hard way but I did not lose hope.

Exchange Your Gift Cards With Cash

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Did someone give you a gift card from a store that you don’t even go to? Or would you rather use that gift-card-trapped-money in a store where you regularly shop? Or you just want to save the money instead of being forced to spend it? YES YOU CAN!

Best Christian Faith T-shirt Designs from SunFrog

A total of 57 shirts! Colletion link:

We all have God-given talents, but few use it to glorify God, and very few share their talents for free. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten Season (or Holy Week). Some of these t-shirt designs I have found may be supporting a charity group or their local church, some maybe are not. Read the designer’s profile and pick out who you want to support for a better cause.