Nature Box

Advertisement really works! It got me buying Nature Box but I promised myself that I wouldn’t get it every month, not yet. I’m just trying it out for now. It is a good idea actually, the snacks ARE healthier options than what you can find in the grocery stores and it is shipped to your home every month.

Our Noche Buena in California

I have been busy cooking for noche buena. A Filipino tradition that my family do every Christmas Eve. I really miss the sweet ham and leche flan. This year, actually last night, I tried to do the tradition. This was my first attempt and I almost got it. The sweet ham almost tasted like we had from home and my leche flan was just at the right sweetness and firmness.

Sweet Ham
I bought a fully cooked honey glazed ham from Savemart. Not the big ones, but about 1-2 lbs. I was particularly paying attention with the sodium content and luckily this had the least amount, about 700mg, I don’t want a sweet and salty ham. I followed the sauce recipe from this website: Pineapple juice is a very important ingredient for Filipino Sweet Ham taste. I also like the while cloves flavor, I wouldn’t skip it. Although the sauce is for a bigger ham, I used the extra for further glazing the ham on the individual slices I take when I eat. read more

My previous post about cheese fries got me craving for cheese popcorn so I made some! I wanted to cook cheese fries but I was too lazy to deep fry some frozen fries. Cooking cheese popcorn is a no brainer, I meant to just make a video, but not putting subtitles would make it boring to watch, so I did some extra effort in making subtitles. Okay, I shouldn’t be explaining too much. Here’s the video, yes I’m bored.

My Favorite French Fries

I would feel incomplete or get into a bad mood (if I’m really craving for a combo meal) if I buy a burger without pairing it with french fries, seriously! They’re just made for each other, plus ketchup (catsup?) of course. But there’s another kind of french fries that can stand alone without burgers, it’s flavored/seasoned french fries! And my favorite, is the cheese fries from Potato Corner.

Dinner at Phat Pho, Cebu

My family is a big fan of pho. For me, this is the REAL noodles soup, sorry ramen. Vietnamese noodles are amazingly satisfying without the feeling of being full of sodium. Compared to our favorite pho restaurant back in California, Phat Pho is the closest in terms of taste, minus the tripe, and maybe a little dash of the secret ingredient

AA BBQ (AA Barbecue), Cebu, Philippines


Located at Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines, is one of the best Filipino barbecue restaurant. Grilled meat and seafood with lots of rice. The main AA BBQ is located in Lahug, near University of Southern Philippines(USP), taxi drivers know where this place is. I also love it there, however the best branch for me is in Talisay City. It has a bigger parking space than the Lahug branch, although I still consider it small compared to other restaurants.

This an old post from my other blog.

We were supposed to have dinner at Boiling Crab in Sacramento. It got cancelled because the people we’re going with all came from night shift duty and they needed to rest at least 8 hours (or more). And so me and my family went to Red Lobster, per my request, just to kill the craving.

Panda Express Logo

Yesterday I ordered a 3-entree 1 side meal from Panda Express drive thru. This is was convenient for me because I didn’t want to get out of the car and I had my little furry family member with who just came from his grooming appointment. The drive thru service took longer than most fast food restaurant but it was fine with me.┬áSo here it is, my Panda Express favorites: