I wish there was a nursery cabin in all passenger airplanes. If airline companies could afford providing business class, first class, residential suites and the humongous airplane Airbus 380 (double-deck jet passenger airliner), for sure they could provide a space exclusively for families with very young children (under the age of 5), yes the kind of children who do not sit still and cries loudly, the kind of children that passengers (who don’t like children) do not want to sit next with.  read more

Got My Expired Huggies Rewards Back

I have been so busy with family life that I haven’t logged in my huggies account for a whole year. My diaper rewards of 442 points went expired and I just couldn’t accept it. Diapers are EXPENSIVE. I learned it the hard way but I did not lose hope.

I’m proud to say that I know a lot nursery rhymes songs now that I have become a Mom. I could enter a contest of Name That Tune for nursery rhymes if there was one!

Here are my top favorite nursery rhymes channels that I watch on YouTube. In my opinion, they are professionally made, appropriate in terms of their selection of songs and adaptation thru animation.

Korean Air Baby Meals

I am very happy with Korean Air’s Baby/Infant meals. Although it depends on your destination, ours was from San Francisco to Incheon. They serve Infant Meals first before serving all passengers and they are generous with the baby food. Before the actual flight, we called the airline to request for a bassinet and baby meal preference, which is either infant formula or baby food (solids). Korean Air serves Similac Infant Formula and Gerber for solid food.

EvenFlo ExerSaucer Door Jumper

I bought this product to help me keep my baby safe while I wash her bottles or when I just need to use the restroom. However, it turned out to be unsafe in my experience because my daughter knows to move around at her current age.