PediaSure Maximized Savings! Thanks to Ibotta and Website Coupons

How To Maximize Your Savings using coupons and Ibotta, read my story below:


You can maximize your savings if the items are both offered in website coupons and Ibotta! Yesterday, I got really lucky. Our stock of PediaSure is almost out, so I had to buy another batch. I have a coupon print-out ready for PediaSure which offers $3 discount for ANY TWO PEDIASURE PRODUCTS. This means I could buy either PediaSure powder or ready-mixed formula (6 bottles a pack). I bought 2 packs of ready-mixed formula, because eventually I am going to buy more in the future, I bought ahead while it is discounted twice! I SAVED $6! Take a look at my oh so smart mathematical calculations below (I hope I got my numbers right).

PediaSure Cost Price: $10.97 (WalMart) x 2 = $21.94

My Website Coupon: $3

Ibotta Rebate per pack $1.25 (but must by two packs to be eligible for a rebate) x 2 = $3

I paid for the 2 packs of PediaSure, handed the coupon to the cashier, got $3 off instantly. When I got home, I uploaded my receipt to Ibotta and got a rebate of $3, and that’s how my friends, I saved $6 all in all. Don’t forget to upload your receipt too at Receipt Hog and grow those coins for more cash rewards!


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