The Sunscreen You're Not Allergic To

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you develop rashes from over-the-counter sunscreen products? Are you still looking for that ONE SUNSCREEN that is compatible with your sensitive skin, try Rodan + Field's Essentials Body Sunscreen. Guaranteed satisfaction. Fully refundable within 60 days. Try it now!

IOS Features That Should Be Added (Growing List)

Features that I think IOS devices should have across its amazing devices in addition to its great features. These are simple, productivity-based features that I would love to have on my smartphone. I have made this post almost a year ago so some of the lacking features I have mentioned must have been already ¬†added to current IOS upgrades. Correct me if I am wrong and I will gladly edit this post. For now, I have indicated “DONE” on some.

Autochron Automatic Wall Switch Timer

Automatic Wall Switch Timer, a device that effortlessly turns lights and ceiling fans on & off. Saving energy and money. We use this for our front door light, every night it turns on the light, and every day it turns it off. You can set the timer either daily, weekly or multiple day program options.

Get Cash Back at Walmart Using Their App

Walmart App’s Savings Catcher feature will give you cash back if it finds any items in your receipt that has lower price in other stores. I got $0.24 back! It may be small but each cent adds up! Walmart is known to have the cheapest prices so it might be hard to get cash back, but who knows, right? You might get lucky.

Got My Expired Huggies Rewards Back

I have been so busy with family life that I haven’t logged in my huggies account for a whole year. My diaper rewards of 442 points went expired and I just couldn’t accept it. Diapers are EXPENSIVE. I learned it the hard way but I did not lose hope.

Best Christian Faith T-shirt Designs from SunFrog

A total of 57 shirts! Colletion link:

We all have God-given talents, but few use it to glorify God, and very few share their talents for free. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten Season (or Holy Week). Some of these t-shirt designs I have found may be supporting a charity group or their local church, some maybe are not. Read the designer’s profile and pick out who you want to support for a better cause.