Growing List of Most Delicious Food

I may have been a picky eater when I was young, but I am now definitely a food lover. Here is my growing list of my favorite food! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Nama Chocolate by Royce

I first tasted Nama in Osaka Japan. I bought it inside the airport. The saleslady generously gave me a packed ice after asking me if I was going to travel soon. Nama chocolate literally melts if not refrigerated. It’s the best chocolate I’ve had so far! There is a Royce shop in New York, be sure to drop by and have some!

Cerelac Wheat and Banana with Milk by Nestle

My favorite baby food. Yes, MY. It may not be my baby’s favorite but I can eat this all day. What I know is that it’s currently not commonly sold in US, but it is in Philippines and Europe. For fun I buy it. I do not remember what got me into eating Cerelac but it has been my favorite since I was a kid. I mix it really sticky and lumpy and that’s just how I love it.


My favorite street food in Japan. Ingredients will vary buy it is made of wheat flour, eggs and usually mixed with dashi, soy sauce, dried bonito flakes, aonori (dried seaweed), dried baby shrimps, green onions, pickled ginger and inside of course, octopus (tako). It is then topped with okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. You can make your own, there are a lot of takoyaki recipes online, but the best is always the original: from the streets of Japan.

Vegetable Kimbap

Kimbap is a famous Korean snack (meal for me!) I specified “vegetable” because I like it better. It’s healthy, it’s veggies! Korean food got me into eating vegetables (I am not really a veggie eater), their main meals are accompanied by various vegetable side dishes and they are amazingly delicious! Kimbap is my preferred quick meal and/or snack in terms of Korean food, but it is time consuming to make! So make a lot so that you can eat a lot! I always buy a serving everytime I stop by South Korea during my travel layover. Kimbap is made of rice, carrots, pickled radish, zuchini, scrambled egg, it is then wrapped with a sheet of seaweed and sesame oil. For me, kimbap is not the same without pickled radish and sesame oil, so don’t skip those two important ingredients if you want the Kimbap experience.

Fruit Tart from Safeway
(current picture is not the exact Safeway fruit tart but looks almost like it)

Safeway is a grocery store in some parts in US. I’ve seen most of them in California. Their fruit tart is absolutely delicious. It’s the only thing I buy from them and the only thing I need from Safeway. The cream, the crunchy sugary crust, that light chocolate taste in between and fruits (strawberry, red and purple/blue raspberry and kiwi) is just heavenly. The downside is that the strawberry and raspberry are quick to grow molds so eat it within three days. Also, check the date when it was made so that you can be sure that it is fresh.

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