Materialistic Me

Want: Food Thermometer


Food thermometers are a necessity in restaurants. But for home cooked meals, it is optional. I’d like to have one just in case I would cook steak and thick pork chops. I’ve always wanted to cook a big nice juicy steak perfectly without having to cut open the meat to know if it’s cooked or not. I’m not an expert in cooking. I may not need this, but that’s why it’s a “want.” Take a look at this item at: read more

Want: Glass Food Storage

Planning to replace plastic food containers with glass. With my hectic schedule as a parent (yes it can get very busy even for a stay-at-home mom), I am learning and practicing on how to cook ahead and store/freeze cooked food, pre-cut vegetables and other ingredients. Using glass also eliminates worries (especially worried in-laws and relatives) about plastic melting and contaminating food when microwaved. To me, using glass makes easier and food smell doesn’t stick around unlike plastic does. read more