Korean Air Baby Meals

I am very happy with Korean Air’s Baby/Infant meals. Although it depends on your destination, ours was from San Francisco to Incheon. They serve Infant Meals first before serving all passengers and they are generous with the baby food. Before the actual flight, we called the airline to request for a bassinet and baby meal preference, which is either infant formula or baby food (solids). Korean Air serves Similac Infant Formula and Gerber for solid food.

With the infant formula, they also serve baby water and gerber juice.


With the baby food, they serve baby water, Gerber Juice, small bowls and spoons.


For Incheon to Philippines, they gave us only one bottle of premixed infant formula since it’s just a 3-hour flight. Although you can ask for more if your little one needs another serving.

Overall I am very satisfied with the service. This saves me lots of space in terms of luggage and carry-on knowing that I won’t have to bring a whole flight supply of baby food.

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