Ivation Handheld Shower

I just recently bought this handheld shower and it works perfectly! It simply vaccuums water from a bucket and results in a steady stream of shower. It is battery powered and is rechargeable.

$24.99 (from $79.99)

Click link below to buy:

Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower – Turns Water From Bucket/Basin/Sink Into Steady, Gentle Stream – Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Pet Washing, Car Washing, Camping, Baby Showering – Powered by Built-In Lithium 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery

I use it to bathe my baby since it has been difficult to bathe her in the tub at her current age; she is 5 months old – not old enough to sit up herself yet.

Battery powered
Rechargeable thru USB to computer or USB plugged to outlet
Steady stream

Noisy (not that it really bothers me)
Hook not that strong but sufficient if taking extra care of it

More info
In my experience, a fully charged battery lasts up to three baths (each 15-30 minutes)




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