IOS Features That Should Be Added (Growing List)

Features that I think IOS devices should have across its amazing devices in addition to its great features. These are simple, productivity-based features that I would love to have on my smartphone. I have made this post almost a year ago so some of the lacking features I have mentioned must have been already  added to current IOS upgrades. Correct me if I am wrong and I will gladly edit this post. For now, I have indicated “DONE” on some.


Video Playlist
There are many ways to get around of how to make a video playlist. Complicated tweaks in the settings or have a third party app do the job. However, it would be very simple if Apple should just integrate a video playlist option in their Video App as easy as making a music playlist.

Integrating Reminders and Calendars – DONE
I am already happy with the option to share the reminders list and calendars with another person but it would be great to have the Reminders App and Calendar App to be merged into one. Example, I have stuff to do on Monday, and I have made a list for that. So when I open the Calendar app, I would want to see my to-do list for that day. Although the Calendar does sort of a list but it is arranged with time, like a daily planner. But I would like to have an option of a check list/to-do list where you can just check off tasks without having to assign time to it within the Calendar app. Let me know if this feature is already existing, because if it did, I didn’t know how to use it.

Voice Memo/Voice Recorder on iPad
iPhone has one, why not iPad?

Voice Memo/Voice Recorder Toggle On and Off on Home Screen

I am sneaky. I like to record conversations when there’s an important information I need to remember.

Calculator on iPad
iPhone has its own built-in IOS calculator, I cannot see why this isn’t included on iPad.

Flash On iPad and iPod
Come on, we need flash! If there is already, please let me know and I’d gladly delete this section. I’m currently making this blog post with an iPad 2. Luckily my iPhone 6 is arriving today.

File Transfer With Bluetooth
I know there’s airdrop, but I would like to be able to transfer photos and other files using bluetooth when there’s no Internet or WiFi.

File Downloader/Manager
iTunes can be so annoying because you have to “sync” before you can put new stuff from your computer to you Apple device. I don’t think “drag and drop” without iTunes because that style isn’t Apple’s. However it would be useful if you needed to download something from the Internet and you can save it in your Apple device temporarily.

Customize Your Ringtones and Automatically Sync Without iTunes
Granting that all your music are original and downloaded via iTunes legally, it would be useful to be able to customize your ringtones from the audio files or music you already have. How long a ringtone would be, what part of the song you want it to play and immediately usable WITHOUT having to plug your device to a computer, extract the customized audio and sync it using iTunes

Call Recording
This would be useful for security reasons to be able to record a phone conversation real time.

iBooks Highlighted Content Be Exported To Pages
In order for me to remember important points when I study, I highlight words and sentences. However, it would be useful to be able to export all my highlighted content to the Pages App or at least the Notes App for a quick review. Also, it would be nice if iNooks can highlight and annotate PDF books, not just epub books.

iPhoto App To Include Text
What is photo editing without being able to put text on your photos? I use Phonto App to achieve this but really, iPhoto should have text options included.

iMovie Specific Subtitles Placement and Time
iMovie does have titles and they can be animated to, but these are titles, to name a clip. It would be really useful if it will include real subtitles where you can control the time it shows up. Especially when making “How-to” videos. And I mean this on an iPhone or iPad.

 Using 2 Apps At the same Time Side by Side

At least between two apps, for example to be able to take notes while watching, listening or reading something, like between iBooks and Pages, or YouTube and Pages, or Safari and iMessage. This is great for iPhone 6 Plus to make use more of it’s 5.5-inch display.

Multitasking Between Apps

A great example would be watching a video from the video app and switch to Notes or Pages to write down important details without the video pausing. Or, lock the screen and listen to the video as if it were just audio.

Dimmer Screen Brightness Option

I find iPhone too bright especially when when all the lights in my room are off. I heard that this feature is coming soon so I am excited for that. Currently I am using the Zoom with low light option.

Toggle On/Off LTE on the Home Screen

I use a lot of location service related apps since  I am an active user of Ibotta, Shopkick and others. They all eat up monthly data allowance. Whenever I have to turn off LTE or 4G I would have to go to Settings app to do that. It would be nice to have cellular data toggle on and off on the home screen like the airplane mode.

Option for Stopwatch to Beep or Alert In Specific Time Intervals

The Clock app is very useful for me. One more feature to make it perfect is for its stopwatch to beep or alert me every 5 to 10 minutes (or whenever) when I am multitasking as I tend to do two things at the same time so equally giving time for each task is crucial for me.
I apologize for any wrongly termed tech word for I am not really an expert. For now, that is my growing list of must-“have features. I’ll add more soon when I think of something new and useful.

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