Get Cash Back at Walmart Using Their App

Walmart App’s Savings Catcher feature will give you cash back if it finds any items in your receipt that has lower price in other stores. I got $0.24 back! It may be small but each cent adds up! Walmart is known to have the cheapest prices so it might be hard to get cash back, but who knows, right? You might get lucky.

So, don’t throw those receipts away just yet! After you shop at Walmart, open their Walmart App (download it if you don’t have it yet), go to Savings Catcher and have it scan the QR code on the bottom of your Walmart receipt.

What they’ll do is analyze your receipt, search through other stores’ prices on the same items you bought, and if other stores’ prices came out cheaper, Walmart will pay you back the difference. This takes 1-2 days and they will e-mail you back the results, your app will be updated as well.

For example, you bought Minute Maid Orange Juice for $2.78 at Walmart, and after analyzing your receipt, they found out that Target had a sale on the same item for $1.78 (just an example), Walmart will pay you back the difference of $1. That simple.

In my case I will let it add up until it reaches $10, that way I can convert it into a e-gift card.  If I don’t want to spend the money, I can just sell the e-gift card at to extract that money.

Thank you Walmart.

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