EvenFlow ExerSaucer Door Jumper


I bought this product to help me keep my baby safe while I wash her bottles or when I just need to use the restroom. However, it turned out to be unsafe in my experience because my daughter knows to move around at her current age.

EvenFlo ExerSaucer Door JumperShe’s 10 months old now. I have realized that this product isn’t fitting for older infants that know how to crawl and cruise. With my very mobile baby, she swings herself sideways or towards me and will hit the door frames on either side as a result of such motion. This product is only good for younger babies who are still learning to stand and crawl, because all they will do is jump up and down. This would have been a great product if I had bought it when my baby is a lot younger. I returned the product for another useful baby gear. I admit i have judged the product inaccurately as to what age it is for before buying it. I will only rate it as 3 stars as the risk still exists and will be greater than a stationary bouncer that is secured on floor. I am aware that some parents find this product perfect for their needs so please do the necessary research before buying one. Negative comment aside, the product is pretty sturdy and locks in tight on top of the door frames.

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