Dimsum Break, Cebu Philippines

It’s the fast food restaurants that I revisit every time I come home. Dimsum Break is one of them and here’s what we ordered for dinner.

Quail’s Egg Shaomai/Siomai
I always order this and it’s my favorite siomai. I love how it is not too compressed and it has a little bit of soup which makes it the best.


Pork Steam Rice
I am not sure how it is spelled, steam or steamed, but when I ordered “steam rice” in U.S. Chinese restaurants, they will actually give me plain white steamed rice. To Filipinos, there are two kinds of “steam rice,” and Dimsum Break (or Harbor Dimsum) has the best steam rice in the world (in my personal preference). The topping and sauce are unique that other Philippine Chinese restaurants cannot copy. Of course other versions may appeal more to others but Dimsum Break’s steam rice is my favorite.


Mushroom Shaomai/Siomai
If Quail’s Egg siomai isn’t available or sold out, I order Mushroom siomai instead. It still has that soup the same of quail’s egg siomai.


Regular Shaomai/Siomai
This siomai does not have soup or sauce as you can see on how it was served. It is more compressed and packed. To me this is how siomai is traditionally, still delicious but I like Quail’s Egg Siomai the best.


Buchi or Bucchi
My favorite dessert in every Chinese restaurant! My meal isn’t complete without this one.


Coconut Pudding
Our favorite Chinese restaurant back in California always gives us free coconut pudding. So I just wanted to try the coconut pudding that Dimsum Break has. Delicious!


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