Cloth Face Mask

I recently bought a cloth face mask instead of buying disposable face masks. The family is down with a cold and to help not spread the virus again, I urged everyone to wear a mask, and of course frequent handwashing. 

What I like about the cloth face mask is that it saves you money because it is washable and it looks stylish instead of looking alarmingly sick as opposed to wearing the disposable ones. I have noticed that people in Japan and Korea use cloth face mask to either protect themselves from the common cold or to keep the virus from spreading if they are already sick. Celebrities also use these stylish face masks for disguise. This would be nice to use during winter too. There are other designs out there but this is what I bought, click on the link below and see if you like it.

Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope I have helped in finding a suitable face mask for your needs. I love my face mask!

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