RECEIPT HOG USER: Upload your online receipts

Good news to Receipt Hog users! You can upload your online receipts/invoices from shopping online! I just uploaded invoices and received coins for my transaction.

Upload online receipts from online shopping.

Simply take a picture of your laptop screen showing the online receipt. You do not have to print it out, but you can if you want to crush out personal information such as your name, address and credit card details. However you may still hide these information by being creative, and I recommend hiding these info for your protection! read more

Exchange Your Gift Cards With Cash

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Did someone give you a gift card from a store that you don’t even go to? Or would you rather use that gift-card-trapped-money in a store where you regularly shop? Or you just want to save the money instead of being forced to spend it? YES YOU CAN!

Artists Who Appreciate Their Fans

David Choi
I love it when artists appreciate their fans by doing something special such as personally signing CD’s and/or DVD’s. Although I still have to buy their work, at least there’s a personal touch to it. Below is David Choi’s 4th album (I lost count, but I have all of his albums, all signed!) that just arrived today.


Only You and By My Side albums were signed at the meet and greet after David’s show in San Francisco. My husband shook his hand, and I just stood there star-struck, and to this day I regret not even being able to shake his hand or even hug him. Next time I’ll get my chance! read more

San Francisco Fireworks on New Year's Eve: Ferry Building

We were able to watch the fireworks show for New Year’s Eve at San Francisco. I’ll share to you tips about where the great views are, where to park your car and where to eat while waiting. There are things you need to consider before going to a crowded city event, and for this post, I’ll be sharing how we managed to get to the fireworks show on time (and also our mistakes).

When using Google Maps or any navigation tool, always, ALWAYS, encode complete addresses. For example, searching for PIER 14 without emphasizing the streets involved gave us wrong results. Pier 14 San Francisco (which is at Mission Street and Embacardero street) is different from 14 Pier (which is at Townsend St. and Embarcadero street, which is also Pier 40, Apple Maps guessed wrong). Navigation tool will try to guess what you’re searching for and might give you the wrong place. Don’t be too dependent on technology, trust your gut too when you sense you’re walking on long-winded route. 😉 read more

Our Noche Buena in California

I have been busy cooking for noche buena. A Filipino tradition that my family do every Christmas Eve. I really miss the sweet ham and leche flan. This year, actually last night, I tried to do the tradition. This was my first attempt and I almost got it. The sweet ham almost tasted like we had from home and my leche flan was just at the right sweetness and firmness.

Sweet Ham
I bought a fully cooked honey glazed ham from Savemart. Not the big ones, but about 1-2 lbs. I was particularly paying attention with the sodium content and luckily this had the least amount, about 700mg, I don’t want a sweet and salty ham. I followed the sauce recipe from this website: Pineapple juice is a very important ingredient for Filipino Sweet Ham taste. I also like the while cloves flavor, I wouldn’t skip it. Although the sauce is for a bigger ham, I used the extra for further glazing the ham on the individual slices I take when I eat. read more

Philippine Bank Codes for PayPal

Link A Bank
This helped me in setting up my Philippine bank account with PayPal. Here is a list of Philippine bank codes that you can use to link your Philippine PayPal account to Philippine banks.

Get Verified
After linking a bank to my PayPal, the next step is to get verified to lift up some limits on your account. To get verified you need to link a credit card to your account. With PayPal Philippines, there is NO address confirmation so it is okay to link an US-based credit card or from any country even though the billing address in your account cannot be changed to the actual billing address of your credit card. That is fine, I talked to PayPal customer service about it. read more

The Internet is full of interesting things! I came across a blog post about how to clean a messy blender easily, meaning, less scrubbing and cleaning the bottom. I said “less” because you will still have to scrub whatever is left after blenderizing soap and water. Here’s how I did it:

It does make it a lot easier to clean. Hope this helped you a bit.
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A lot to catch up on...

Hello everyone! I have a lot of
catching up to do. Here’s a screenshot of my camera roll, and yes, those are the food that I will have to blog about. I ate faster than I could blog! Stay tuned! Thanks for visiting.

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Thanks for dropping by! Daily Life Review gives valuable descriptions and recommendations about random items and places that I will be encountering. I will also provide information as to where and how to obtain or purchase such items. I hope my daily experience would be of help!

Thank you and happy reading!
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