Best Christian Faith T-shirt Designs from SunFrog


A total of 57 shirts! Colletion link:

We all have God-given talents, but few use it to glorify God, and very few share their talents for free. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten Season (or Holy Week). Some of these t-shirt designs I have found may be supporting a charity group or their local church, some maybe are not. Read the designer’s profile and pick out who you want to support for a better cause.


For every purchase of Alpha Omega God and/or Jesus Is My Only Savior, I will be donating $1 to our local church (and yes I’ll post a picture as proof that I will make such offering). Note that I only earn $1.05 from my shirts at SunFrog despite the $21 price tag of my designs. I’ve set it that way, no one wants to buy an overpriced shirt. I am not a good designer, nor it is my talent, but I do try my best. The collection link above (or when you click on the banner) are designs from different artists, their artwork is way cooler than mine so feel free to choose from any of them. Below are my only designs for the Holy Week, you may click on the pictures and it will lead you to the product page itself.


Here are some of my favorites from the 57-shirt-collection I made:


God bless everyone! And wear a t-shirt that shouts God’s Love for a change!

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