How To Save Extra on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether it’s grocery shopping, beauty, home, tech, travel, or just about anything, you can get more savings than what is advertised in-store or online just by using your smartphone, or the Internet. This savings trick requires preparation and strategic stacking of third party rewards programs. Ready? Here’s how I do it.

I am hoping that someday the government would require people to donate or have deductions from their salary (even just cents!) or even required to adopt 2 pets per family to support domestic animals (and endangered species). I know a few such as Humane Society, ASPCA, and PETA. I am saying this because there is so much cruelty to animals going on and also to combat over population, people need to come up of ways to preserve their lives even though some don’t have the chance to get adopted. As of now helping them is “just an option,” and many people don’t even donate because they think they could buy something better with their money rather than donating it, so why not donating at least 1 cent mandatory? How many people are there in the world times the 1 cent they give, that makes a HUGE difference already. read more

Just as by law we should pay taxes to help the government make the country develop and improve, it would be nice to have people support a charity by law. Every cent adds up and it could help a lot of babies/children who were either abandoned by their parents or with their parents who have financial difficulties or children with illnesses.

If this is already being done, let me know!

I wish there was a nursery cabin in all passenger airplanes. If airline companies could afford providing business class, first class, residential suites and the humongous airplane Airbus 380 (double-deck jet passenger airliner), for sure they could provide a space exclusively for families with very young children (under the age of 5), yes the kind of children who do not sit still and cries loudly, the kind of children that passengers (who don’t like children) do not want to sit next with.  read more

When your parents lovingly say “You’ve grown so much,” it means that they are very much amazed and at the same time emotional, that you were once their baby, whose world revolved only around Mama and Dada, and now, a full grown adult, just like them. They probably couldn’t believe that they have raised you this well, but they did. So let them embrace you, touch your face, hold your hand, because after all, you are still their baby, but just all grown up. To all my kids, Mama and Dada love you with all our heart. read more

Take home shower caps from the hotels you’re staying. It may seem that you may not need them, but you will. Take all the complimentary items as well, it’s what you paid for.

When your washing machine makes too much banging noise during dry spinning, the load it’s trying to spin is too heavy. And apparently your husband won’t take your opinion on that, or your boyfriend. Just wait for the washing machine to break down, then he will believe. Some men are “to see is to believe” kind of people.

When you invest money in a business venture and it has gained profit, keep the profit, and save it. Take the investment money that has returned, and invest it again.