#50 Your Business Can Either Succeed or Fail

Another thing about business investments, an older family friend told me, don’t expect your money to come back. Meaning, when you invest on a business, especially start-up businesses, you have to set your mind that you are giving your money away, or purchasing something  expensive that you will only use for a short time. Business can either succeed or fail. If it succeeds, you’re lucky, congratulations to you, you will be financially supported even after you retire from your job. If it fails, charge it to experience. I still suggest you invest your money, as what I have understood about Robert Kiyosaki’s ways, wealth is money invested that grows, even in your sleep.

As for that older family friend of mine, their business is a food truck, serving Korean-Mexican food, as of now, the demand is high and popular.  Congratulations to them!

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