February 2016

Autochron Automatic Wall Switch Timer

Automatic Wall Switch Timer, a device that effortlessly turns lights and ceiling fans on & off. Saving energy and money. We use this for our front door light, every night it turns on the light, and every day it turns it off. You can set the timer either daily, weekly or multiple day program options.

If you’re a teenager, work as a volunteer or part time at your parents’ work place. Just to get a feel about how the real world works. It will also make you understand how your parents earn a living to support you, and it will open your mind about the many occupations that you can choose from, that way you can decide a lot better in time for college.

While you’re young, start saving money. Round up to the nearest dollar or save your loose coins in a piggy bank, or better yet, a bank account for kids or students. And don’t touch it until you’re 25 years old! You’ll appreciate it by that time.

While you’re at school , get a summer job at coffee shops and learn how to make awesome coffee and variety of mixes. Why coffee shops? Because they’re more likely to teach you the recipe than in restaurants or bakeries. It’s a good addition or maybe the start of your culinary knowledge that can be very useful and an impressive skill later in life. It will save you a lot of money if you know how to make your own favorite cappuccino at home instead of buying it from coffee shops. I worked in a bakery and I never got recipes. I asked a cousin of mine, who used to work at a coffee shop, and she taught me how to make my favorite coffee drink, from my favorite coffee shop. I’m not telling which coffee shop! So follow this suggestion and go impress someone. read more

Always test and taste it yourself before giving anything to your children, especially babies. I always taste the food, especially milk before giving it to my baby. You’ll never know something has gone spoiled if you don’t check it. So what if they say you’re obsessive compulsive, paranoid, or whatever. Speaking from experience, a relative of mine mistakenly gave a glass of expired fresh milk to my niece and I saw my niece grimace because of the foul taste. Good thing she didn’t have diarrhea. And I intend to keep my children safe no matter what people think of me. read more

Get Cash Back at Walmart Using Their App

Walmart App’s Savings Catcher feature will give you cash back if it finds any items in your receipt that has lower price in other stores. I got $0.24 back! It may be small but each cent adds up! Walmart is known to have the cheapest prices so it might be hard to get cash back, but who knows, right? You might get lucky.

Do not thaw meat or any frozen food in the sink. Science says you have to thaw food in the refrigerator. But if you do need to thaw something out of the refrigerator (which science don’t recommend), use a big, deep basin, or just a plate big enough to contain your food. I consider the sink as a dirty area. I know cooking will kill bacteria, but I am me, the lesser bacteria, the better, and my way is better, next to science of course. I wrote on my big basin too, “thaw food here, not in sink.” Got my message delivered well to relatives and in-laws, yup. read more

Always wash your dishes from cleanest to dirtiest, example: drinking glass first before oily frying pans. I don’t like my drinking glass smelling like food that came from a frying pan where I cooked fish, that’s my example.

Own a small electric oven. It’s useful when you want to bake small pizzas, a small batch of pastries or your dinner. It saves you electricity too compared to traditional stoves. If you’re like me, I make my stove’s oven an extra cabinet when not in use. And whenever I do need to use it, I had to get all the stuff out, which is too time consuming, therefore, I bought a small, tabletop electric oven. Farberware is what I have, bought if from Walmart.

Women, bring adult diapers during long drives. Or if you’re a guy, bring an empty 1-gallon container/bottle. You’ll never know when you’ll get stuck in a heavy, bumper to bumper traffic, in the middle of nowhere. True story.