September 2015

Fisheye Plus Pro by Dominic Watson

ReadQuick – Speed Reader for iOS by Action Now

Poppy Birds – Brain Puzzle Game by Friendly App Studio

Splashtop Touchpad by Splashtop Inc.

Words With Monsters by Wayne Petzler

Coyn by Arash Afrasiabi

Kinetiks by Jon Como
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Free App Review: Countr


Photo courtesy from
The app Countr is equivalent to a manual clicker counter (photo shown above). A clicker counter is used to count or track large numbers of people, product or whatever that needs counting. It’s a small hand-held device, it’s cheap, and costs $3 at Office Depot. I’ve seen it being used by a sales personnel to count people going inside a shop. His hands on his back, clicking away as people go in the store.

The Countr app for is free (for today) and functions the same with digital features, one of such is saving previous “counts.” read more

Free Apps As Of Today

Here are the free apps that I downloaded today. I will be trying them out soon and keep whichever is useful. Once an app is downloaded, it’s yours forever! So get these while they’re free.

Countr – Quick Count by Random Projects LLC

Remote Media Manager Pro – Access Files on Network Devices by Evolution Games LLP

YoWindow Weather by Pavel Repkin

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