January 2015

San Francisco Fireworks on New Year's Eve: Ferry Building

We were able to watch the fireworks show for New Year’s Eve at San Francisco. I’ll share to you tips about where the great views are, where to park your car and where to eat while waiting. There are things you need to consider before going to a crowded city event, and for this post, I’ll be sharing how we managed to get to the fireworks show on time (and also our mistakes).

When using Google Maps or any navigation tool, always, ALWAYS, encode complete addresses. For example, searching for PIER 14 without emphasizing the streets involved gave us wrong results. Pier 14 San Francisco (which is at Mission Street and Embacardero street) is different from 14 Pier (which is at Townsend St. and Embarcadero street, which is also Pier 40, Apple Maps guessed wrong). Navigation tool will try to guess what you’re searching for and might give you the wrong place. Don’t be too dependent on technology, trust your gut too when you sense you’re walking on long-winded route. 😉 read more