Fisheye Plus Pro by Dominic Watson


ReadQuick – Speed Reader for iOS by Action Now


Poppy Birds – Brain Puzzle Game by Friendly App Studio


Splashtop Touchpad by Splashtop Inc.


Words With Monsters by Wayne Petzler


Coyn by Arash Afrasiabi

Kinetiks by Jon Como


Free App Review: Countr


Photo courtesy from dhgate.com
The app Countr is equivalent to a manual clicker counter (photo shown above). A clicker counter is used to count or track large numbers of people, product or whatever that needs counting. It’s a small hand-held device, it’s cheap, and costs $3 at Office Depot. I’ve seen it being used by a sales personnel to count people going inside a shop. His hands on his back, clicking away as people go in the store.

The Countr app for is free (for today) and functions the same with digital features, one of such is saving previous “counts.” read more

Free Apps As Of Today

Here are the free apps that I downloaded today. I will be trying them out soon and keep whichever is useful. Once an app is downloaded, it’s yours forever! So get these while they’re free.

Countr – Quick Count by Random Projects LLC


Remote Media Manager Pro – Access Files on Network Devices by Evolution Games LLP

YoWindow Weather by Pavel Repkin

   read more

FREE APP Today: Videocraft

Today is your chance to download a free video editor! If iMovie is too expensive, Videocraft might be a good alternative. It is both available for iPhone and iPad. I have not reviewed this app yet as I am only sharing it while it is for free. I have downloaded the app also and will try it out later. Once the promo ends, the price will revert back to $1.99

Click on the link to download from the App Store: Videocraft – Video Editor & Movie Maker by Gamelarious: https://appsto.re/us/Gg8oR.i read more

Want: Food Thermometer


Food thermometers are a necessity in restaurants. But for home cooked meals, it is optional. I’d like to have one just in case I would cook steak and thick pork chops. I’ve always wanted to cook a big nice juicy steak perfectly without having to cut open the meat to know if it’s cooked or not. I’m not an expert in cooking. I may not need this, but that’s why it’s a “want.” Take a look at this item at: http://www.amazon.com/Weber-6492-Original-Instant-Read-Thermometer/dp/B009IH0BZ0/ read more

Want: Glass Food Storage

Planning to replace plastic food containers with glass. With my hectic schedule as a parent (yes it can get very busy even for a stay-at-home mom), I am learning and practicing on how to cook ahead and store/freeze cooked food, pre-cut vegetables and other ingredients. Using glass also eliminates worries (especially worried in-laws and relatives) about plastic melting and contaminating food when microwaved. To me, using glass makes easier and food smell doesn’t stick around unlike plastic does. read more

Moringa Body Butter from The Body Shop

I went in The Body Shop to ask about their air freshener that they use, that lemon-citrus scent that you encounter when you go inside. ¬†While I aas looking around, the Moringa word caught my attention and thought, “They have malunggay body butter?”

Nature Box

Advertisement really works! It got me buying Nature Box but I promised myself that I wouldn’t get it every month, not yet. I’m just trying it out for now. It is a good idea actually, the snacks ARE healthier options than what you can find in the grocery stores and it is shipped to your home every month.

Artists Who Appreciate Their Fans

David Choi
I love it when artists appreciate their fans by doing something special such as personally signing CD’s and/or DVD’s. Although I still have to buy their work, at least there’s a personal touch to it. Below is David Choi’s 4th album (I lost count, but I have all of his albums, all signed!) that just arrived today.


Only You and By My Side albums were signed at the meet and greet after David’s show in San Francisco. My husband shook his hand, and I just stood there star-struck, and to this day I regret not even being able to shake his hand or even hug him. Next time I’ll get my chance! read more