#003 Wish: Mandatory Support Animals’ Charity

I am hoping that someday the government would require people to donate or have deductions from their salary (even just cents!) or even required to adopt 2 pets per family to support domestic animals (and endangered species). I know a few such as Humane Society, ASPCA, and PETA. I am saying this because there is so much cruelty to animals going on and also to combat over population, people need to come up of ways to preserve their lives even though some don’t have the chance to get adopted. As of now helping them is “just an option,” and many people don’t even donate because they think they could buy something better with their money rather than donating it, so why not donating at least 1 cent mandatory? How many people are there in the world times the 1 cent they give, that makes a HUGE difference already.

What it could do:

  1. Make more no-kill shelters.
  2. Give dogs and cats “jobs” such as service animals.
  3. Universalize charity around the world.
  4. While there are government-led rescue operations for humans, there would also be for animals.
  5. Including Pet Insurance in all employment (some companies are already doing this).
  6. Better treatment (no-kill) and training for animals who are aggressive in nature.

Save Earth. Save the animals. This is not just Global Warming.

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